Just Like Toddlers

Monday, October 12, 2015 Just Like Toddlers Our first child was an incredibly active toddler. He spent the early days of his infant development constantly grabbing, clinging and climbing on people and objects as if life were the ultimate jungle gym. Between 8 and 9 months, he...
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Open the Door to Halloween

October 28, 2014  by Jonathan Parnell How you spend Halloween may reveal a good deal of what you think of sanctification. There is a chain of inseparable realities in our local churches that shape the way we look at the costumes shuffling down our streets and knocking on our...
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What can I be doing as a parent?

What can I be doing as a parent? DBC Kids | Parent Resource As parents, you have been given the great joy and responsibility in raising your children in the ways of Jesus. This can be a daunting task and seem overwhelming at times. Our desire is to partner with you as you teach...
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