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Just Like Toddlers

Monday, October 12, 2015 Just Like Toddlers Our first child was an incredibly active toddler. He spent the early days of his infant development constantly grabbing, clinging and climbing on people and objects as if life were the ultimate jungle gym. Between 8 and 9 months, he...
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Three Ways to Remember God’s Grace

Three Ways to Remember God’s Grace April 23, 2015 by Steven Lee   Remembering who God is and who we are is the antidote to grumbling. If we see our world, our lives, and our circumstances through the lens of Jesus’s cross, everything will come into focus. And that clarity of...
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Why Things Often Don’t Make Sense

February 27, 2015 by Jon Bloom We humans have an irrepressible need to make sense of the world and our experience in it. Meaninglessness Is an Illusion Darwinian naturalists believe that we adapted this need for meaning in order to secure food and pass along our genes. Nonsense....
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“Dad, Look!”

By. Trevin Wax “Dad, come see this!” My son’s voice echoed down the hall. It was the day after Christmas, and he’d arranged all his legos from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. For a few minutes, I plopped down in his room as he recounted every moment of the epic battle the legos...
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The Glorious, Radical, Ordinary Christian Life

  January 2, 2015  Christians are supposed to have an impact on the world in which we live. Like the followers of Jesus in Acts 17:6–7, present-day followers of Jesus should be turning the world upside down. However, when we think about turning the world upside down for...
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Greater Works Than Jesus?

by J.D. Greear A mentor recently told me that every 30 years or so evangelicals have a conversation about the Holy Spirit. The last really significant one, he said, was in the 1970s, and out of that came the revival known as the Jesus movement. It’s time, he said, for us to have...
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Should Your Church Stop Having a Stand and Greet Time?

By Thom Rainer: You never know what will strike a nerve in the blogosphere. A blog post I wrote Saturday went viral, and the comments, discussion, and debate are still taking place at that post. It was really a simple article. I did a Twitter poll (not scientific, I assure you)...
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